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Our Owners Corporation Team has over 20 years of experience in dealing with strata and all aspects of community living. We understand the Owners Corporation Act, Subdivision Act and the Regulations.

We interpret plans of subdivision, define boundaries and advise on the responsibilities and liabilities for Owners Corporations, Committees and private lot owners. We draft documents for annual and special general meetings.

We advise on and prepare wording for general, special and unanimous resolutions.

We prepare Ballot papers and circulars to members.


When things go wrong we assist on dispute resolution under the Act, debt collection, defect claims, non-compliant cladding and building products, claims in the DBDRV, VCAT and all courts. Owners Corporations are complicated and complex communities. See us to understand and implement the rules.


The Owners

Corporation Act

Rules and Regulations - we understand how an OC works.

Building Defects on common property and in private lots

This includes cladding and e-cabling

Disputes and resolution of conflicts

Greivance claims, DBDRV, VCAT and the Courts


  • Owners Corporation structures, rules and regulations

  • Interpretation of Plans of Subdivision

  • Dispute resolution within Owners Corporations

  • Debt recovery

  • Conduct of Owners Corporations meetings – SGM, AGM, Committee

  • Special resolutions, unanimous resolutions

  • Ballots

  • Title queries

  • Special rules, model rules, breach of rules, notices, enforcement

  • Subdivision and development of land

  • Planning aspects of divisions

  • Tree roots, trespass and adverse possession claims

  • Construction contracts

  • Defective building claims

  • Cladding, non-compliant buildings

  • DBDRV applications and representation at conciliation conferences

  • VCAT advice and representation

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